The nascent work of Jeroen Dirrix revolves around deep intuition. A prolific composer & multi-instrumentalist based in Rotterdam, Dirrix allows his music to unfold organically over constructing it from scratch. Combining piano, analog synths, and electronics, he pours out trance-like music that ebbs and flows organically, essentially producing and playing on-the-fly.

As a classically-trained drummer and percussionist, Dirrix travels the realms classical, jazz, techno, experimental rock, soundtracks, and minimalism. He played in jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, techno tandems, and rock bands, exploring music from virtually any cultured angle. Though proficient in all of those endeavours, Dirrix was never able to achieve that same symbiotic musical connection he realised as a teenager, when he jammed on the piano in his parents’ living room.

By then, Dirrix had already started playing drums since the age of five. Applying this natural and tireless knack for rhythm and pulse to the melodic properties of piano opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Dirrix’s deep fixation with minimalism was finally affirmed when he attended a performance of the world-famous Nederlands Dans Theater, featuring the compositions of Philip Glass. Discovering the likes of Glass and Steve Reich was a formative moment for Dirrix. Like the material he had been playing by himself, this vital movement of composers applied those same hypnotic qualities, only on a much larger scale.

From here on out, Dirrix flipped his entire mentality to music. His most recent recordings and shows revolve mostly around piano’s and analog synths, amplifying their percussive components to meditative, semi-improvisational pieces. In 2018, Dirrix self-released Take The Air , a suspenseful two-part compositional piece created almost entirely out of a set limitation: to generate new ideas within the sonic breadth of the Moog Sub 37. The sonic fragments scrapped for the dark, creeping Part I are repurposed on Part II as a luminous, sparse piano-based dirge.

In 2019, Dirrix continues exploring with his new A-side and B-side Until Daylight/Sightless, which will be released on Montreal-imprint Moderna Records. These two tracks were recorded two years ago in a rural mansion at the Dutch-Belgian border. The initial version of ‘Until Daylight’ contained live strings, but after editing the track in hindsight, Dirrix opted for the abstraction of the Moog and Prophet 6-synths. The gorgeous Rhodes-driven ‘Sightless’ evokes a similar transit between forlorn and uplifting states: spiralling organic piano’s seamlessly rescind into digital sounds, like a transference of consciousness into a different vessel.

These are just a handful of examples of how Dirrix’ approach to recording, composing and performing has consolidated in this remarkable, highly infectious way; using music as a conversation between knowledge and the subconsciousness. After gripping, diverse sets at Rotterdam’s Annabel and Paradiso Noord, during Amsterdam Dance Event, Dirrix will continue to follow where the music takes him, as opposed to vice versa.