The Rotterdam based musician, composer and producer Jeroen Dirrix brings his new music, a combination of rhythmic piano-parts with classical influences and deep electronic sounds alive on stage. Operating from behind multiple pianos and synthesizers he has built a dynamic live-set with which he will perform his most recent musical project.

His love for the piano emerged at an early age. But it was after a career behind the drums, playing and touring in many several bands for the most part of his youth and early adult life, where he properly started studying and playing this instrument, whereby -in his own words- in contrast to the drums the horizon becomes infinite because sound, harmony, rhythm and touch are brought together. Around the age of 16 when hearing his music for the first time, Jeroen became inspired to play the piano as if it was his drum-kit by pioneer and school example of minimal music; Philip Glass. 

After a brief drum study (jazz) at the Conservatory in Utrecht, Jeroen continued exploring the piano that led him to Brussels where he lived for a while, made an instrumental techno record under the alias 'Cloak', further developed his piano playing and studied composition at the prestigious Conservatoire Royale.

Now, a few years later, after collaborating in several side-projects as a producer, composer and drummer the recordings of his first solo album have started. Jeroen Dirrix his coming out as a solo artist and musician who is inspired by his own diverse musical past, the minimal music from contemporary classical composers, film music and the sound of the analogue synthesizer.